Art Fund

Blogs look best when they’ve got a nice featured image on each post. So far, I’ve used a lot of public domain art and more so AI generated images which don’t really look like anything (but sometimes give off a vibe). I figured I could do better than that by hiring artists to replace those images. One of the difficulties with the idea is that it’s hard to find artists at a time when their commisions are open, so I’m making this page for artists to be able to pitch me in their own pace.

The fund currently has £50 available.

Available projects for pitches

  • I Loot The Random Bag. Currently Stable Diffusion, with prompt: “a busy pub, someone is stealing from a backpack hanging off a chair, fantasy, illustration, soft colour tones.” I wanted a picture of one of the player characters stealing something from a backpack quite casually. This isn’t a big heist.
  • Three things from Batman Begins. Currently Dall-e, with prompt: “hi res batman brooding on top of a building in gotham.” Mostly I’m after a Batman-style scene of a rainy Gotham. Batman doesn’t need to be front of frame (or visible at all). Alternatively: feel free to pitch another idea based on the blog post.
  • Sir Aeron. Currently Dall-e, with prompt: “An oil painting of a grass field. It is dusk. There are men in the field wearing armor, breastplates and helmets. They are fighting shadow creatures of different shapes.” This scene was badly captured by Dall-e and I got bored of looking for another image. I was hoping for shadowy, dog-like creatures attacking the the (human) medieval age soliders.

Yet to be asked questions

Have you thought this through at all? I’m afraid not. If there’s something ethically weird about me reversing the relationship between commisioner-and-artist, let me know. This is a brand new idea for me, so I’m eager to hear feedback.

When does the fund increase in value? It’ll increase by something on the 1st of every month. I’m not going to commit to anything in case I overspend on something else in my life. Probably around £50 though.

Does the art style have to match the placeholder piece? Does it have to match other contributors? No. Each post will go for a certain vibe, distinct from other posts. The art styles can be eclectic throughout the site. If you have a different style or different direction for the artwork to go in, please do pitch it.

What do you expect you’re going to get? A single image file, hopefully a PNG. I don’t expect any fancy layered photoshop files. We can discuss if the image is coloured or not during the pitch. Let me know how that changes your rates.

What are you going to do with the files? They’ll definitely be used on my blog, in the posts I mention. You’ll be keeping the copyright to yourself, of course. I would like a CC BY 4.0 license, which would allow me and readers to use the image elsewhere so long as you’re credited.

Where will I get credited? In the caption of the image, when used on this blog, and on this page.

How do I get paid? I’m in the UK, so I can offer three methods: Paypal, BACS, or cash if you’re near Nottingham. I’m happy to pay 50% when the pitch is accepted, and 50% on delivery.

How quickly do you expect the finished artwork? Within sixty days of the upfront payment.

How many times can I pitch? I’m going to try and get lots of different people contributing. So, there’s no limit but I’ll prefer a varied pool. Just one project per email though.

How to pitch

Email me at artfund [at] with:

  • the project title in the subject
  • examples of your previous work, showing what direction you’ll take the artwork in
  • your quote/fee.

Art directory

There’s no one here yet. Pitch something!