Barony is a turn based, over the mail, village management game. You heard me, over the mail. Once a month, players write in to their village Clerk, who implements their ideas for them. Players receive an action sheet in the mail, they fill it in, and send their response back. The Clerk keeps them updated on nearby events: the wolves’ den to the north, the surprisingly large army travelling towards a neighbouring village, and the dull things like the amount of food and stone collected in the past month.

Status: On going, actively. Not ready for me to release anything just yet though.

Into the Quiet Forest

Into the Quiet Forest is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for fifth edition that I’m writing. It’s still rough, and largely unplay tested, but I expect it to take players from level one to level four-ish. This adventure leads our travellers into the town of Kalim, and introduces them to the Greek pantheon of gods who care for this world. After rescuing the girl from who-knows-where, the heroes may be interested in joining the larger storyline they’ve embroiled themselves into.

This started as a game to play with my family – and my first experience as a dungeon master. Sadly, my littlest sister moved away and has made it doubly more difficult to continue. I’m still working on this, and the larger world though.

Status: On going, actively. See the progress here.

Arcana Delve: First Contact

An earthquake tore a fissure through the side of a mountain. First a curious group of children disappeared into it, followed by the police sent to look for them. Now a special unit of the army has been called forwards to explore into the newly opened underground system, and find out what happened to the people ahead of them.

Arcana Delve is my attempt at a table top, card based, multiplayer dungeon crawler. Each player picks a class, who quickly find that the innocent looking earthquake may not have been as natural as first though. Shortly into the cave, they discover a centuries old mine system. Fighting their way through to the bottom through more and more… unnatural monsters.

Status: Active, and very new. Take a look at the related blog posts.

An Encyclopedia of Great Events and People Through the Ages (6520 ASE Edition)

Great Events is my Nanowrimo 2015 project, in which I only really go to around 27,000 words. It is an “encyclopedia” written by the eminent historian Garton Milden, wherein he attempts to describe all the most import bits of life around his world: the people, the magic, the gods, and politics over time. A very popular book, whilst nearly everyone with the ability to read would say they’ve at least glanced at some of the pages.

It’s my method of world building, which seems to be working quite well. So far it’s spun off a number of short stories – Three Pieces of Seven, Stein’s Scar, and The Glossary of Magic Incantations – all of which are… still coming along.

Status: Unfortunately, rather dormant.