Acolyte’s Graveyard

Long ago human’s wiped out as much of the faith from elves and dwarves as they could. Enough to cripple their gods into insignificance. Since then, the Queen’s Hunters patrol the forests and mountains looking for “wild” people practising their faith and squashing it before it could snowball into something much more dangerous.

The story follows a dwarf, a human, and an elf and their quest to understand the true power of faith. Discovering it, reigniting it, and reforging it.

This is my Nanowrimo 2017 novel. Although I didn’t manage to hit the elusive 50k words this year, work continues on this book. I’m continuing to write this getting a little closer every day. According to my chapter plan, the finished story will end up being rather more than fifty thousand words.


Barony is a turn based, over the mail, village management game. You heard me, over the mail. Once a month, players write in to their village Clerk, who implements their ideas for them. Players receive an action sheet in the mail, they fill it in, and send their response back. The Clerk keeps them updated on nearby events: the wolves’ den to the north, the surprisingly large army travelling towards a neighbouring village, and the dull things like the amount of food and stone collected in the past month.

Status: Paused.

Into the Quiet Forest

Into the Quiet Forest is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for fifth edition that I’m writing. It’s still rough, and largely unplay tested, but I expect it to take players from level one to level three-ish. This adventure leads our travellers into the town of Kalim, and introduces them to the Greek pantheon of gods who care for this world. After rescuing the girl from who-knows-where, the heroes may be interested in joining the larger storyline they’ve embroiled themselves into.

This started as a game to play with my family – and my first experience as a dungeon master. Sadly, my littlest sister moved away and has made it doubly more difficult to continue. I’m still working on this, and the larger world though.

Status: Paused.