Use components to limit cool spells

I like to make up spells. Take this one I just generated with some story cubes. Banished Mimicry.Level 2 Abjuration spell. Casting time: 1 action. Duration: 1 round. Range: Touch. Somatic.Touch the target as you cast this spell. The target may make a Charisma saving throw. On success, the target is immune for 1d4 days.… Continue reading Use components to limit cool spells

“I loot the random bag”

For when players want to loot something, and you don't have anything specific to give them. A mix of wonderful and mundane items. "Busy pub where someone might steal from a bag." "There's some boring stuff in there, but also..." Fragile, glass orb. Roll sleight of hand to avoid smashing it, drawing attention. Unbroken, is… Continue reading “I loot the random bag”

Ideas from The Dark Knight Rises

I finished my rewatch of the Nolen trilogy this week and so I may as well finish off this series of "things you can take from Batman and put them in your game". AI generated image: "photograph of a dark alleyway", the kind which Batman might find himself. Premise: The adventuring hub is in constant… Continue reading Ideas from The Dark Knight Rises