I particularly like postcards.

Not just receiving them, but also finding old ones with story and history behind them. It might surprise many to know that independent bookshops, charities, and collectors sell postcards. Many enjoy them for the photographs on the face, but I keep an eye out for the interesting stories on the back.

You might be here because you got a postcard with this URL on it!

I thought it might be interesting to start a project where I send rather old postcards back to the address on the card. It’s more than likely that the person who wrote the card won’t live there now, but I figured it could be interesting for the new residents to keep a bit of history about the house.

What should I do with the postcard you sent?

The worst thing to do is just to throw it away! It’s manage to survive for decades now, I think that little piece of history deserves to carry on a little while longer. But I can understand that you have no where to put it. Here are some suggestions!

  • Hide it under a rarely lifted rug, or better yet under the carpet. No harm will come to it there, and maybe the next people to move in will enjoy discovering it!
  • Put it in a book. Any book! Next time to read the book, you could use this postcard as a bookmark.
  • Stick it on your fridge, like you would do with any other postcard.
  • Stick it to the bottom of a table or chair. You’ll find it again in a few years, and you may be more interested in the history of it then.

I desperately don’t want this in my house.

That’s okay! Email me at and I’ll get in touch to sort out sending it back.

I’ve a bunch of postcards – would you like them?

Sure, if they’re old! A good rule of thumb is that if it’s got a postcode on it, then it’s not that old. Email me at and I’ll get in touch!