“Variant: Skills with Different Abilities”

I'm writing an adventure at the moment, which features an organisation called the Reclamations Agency, the state sanctioned thieve's guild. Most people know a bit about them, but do your characters know a little more? What's the skill check for this? D&D lacks any kind of Culture (Starfinder) or Street Skills (Shadowrun). A dry Int… Continue reading “Variant: Skills with Different Abilities”

The divestment of a departed drow

Valna was first encouraged to become a priestess of Lolth because of her innovative use of magics. It was clear early on that her understanding of magic - especially in dank of the Underdark - was beyond anything that had been studied so far. Maybe she could bring more glory to the Lady of Shadows… Continue reading The divestment of a departed drow

The missing things from D&D: Contacts

Character creation in a lot of RPGs get you to think about a background for your character, and almost all of those, including D&D, get you to think about your ties to the world. The Background in D&D comes with a few questions which prompt this: what was the event which made you a folk… Continue reading The missing things from D&D: Contacts