Use components to limit cool spells

I like to make up spells. Take this one I just generated with some story cubes. Banished Mimicry.Level 2 Abjuration spell. Casting time: 1 action. Duration: 1 round. Range: Touch. Somatic.Touch the target as you cast this spell. The target may make a Charisma saving throw. On success, the target is immune for 1d4 days.… Continue reading Use components to limit cool spells

Ideas from The Dark Knight Rises

I finished my rewatch of the Nolen trilogy this week and so I may as well finish off this series of "things you can take from Batman and put them in your game". AI generated image: "photograph of a dark alleyway", the kind which Batman might find himself. Premise: The adventuring hub is in constant… Continue reading Ideas from The Dark Knight Rises

The divestment of a departed drow

Valna was first encouraged to become a priestess of Lolth because of her innovative use of magics. It was clear early on that her understanding of magic - especially in dank of the Underdark - was beyond anything that had been studied so far. Maybe she could bring more glory to the Lady of Shadows… Continue reading The divestment of a departed drow

From the head of a derro

I'm working on a project and had to create a few things. They're yours now. A gross item Flesh PocketCraftable. A patch of skin taken from another and attached, somehow, to your body. This is a secret hiding spot that only the most thorough search will find, if applied correctly. This small pouch can only… Continue reading From the head of a derro