Designing the map tiles

I have made a little bit of progress tonight with Arcana Delve, wherein I designed how the randomly generated map would work.

Carcassonne style, players will take a room piece from the stack of available ones and place it on the board, to reveal the room they’re about to enter. That room may or may not have further exits.

There will be some number of types of mine level: first level through Xth level. Once the players have placed all of the levels’ rooms, they can no longer discover any more rooms.

You’ll note that on two of them there are some numbers. This is the mechanic I’m going to use to tell the party how many creatures were waiting for them in the room. Since this should scale with the number of players (the top row), there’s a different number of monster depending on the players (bottom row).

This might be a bad idea. Sure, I can fit in three players, but why not five? At that point I’ll run into problems just fitting the data on the card.

Another idea is to have just a room “toughness”, a single number on the tile. And then maybe the players add the party size to that number. Instead, the monsters’ difficulty changes could be on the actual monster card rather than the terrain.

Lots of ideas still to play with.