An Engorged Chthonian

I made a fun encounter to run for a game I forgot to prepare for. I liked it so much that I decided to write it up and maybe write a few more D&D 5e Lovecraft bits.

Today, I’ve ran out of time! So here it is so far.

If anyone fancies having a go at drawing art for it, please do get in touch. I have always have a small art budget!

I like the idea of a bad guy that doesn’t just want to kill everything. This dude specifically needs the characters to remain alive, which means his combat style needs to change.

I’m playing through Baldur’s Gate 3 at the moment, which may have nudged me into reading through the Call of Cthulu rule books and inspired this. That game’s opening scenes are delightfully creepy.

You can grab the encounter here.

Hey. It’s so artless that I forgot to draw even a basic map. Here’s what it looked like on roll20.

Icons from 2minutetabletop.

Tavern Fare

I had a free afternoon and fancied fooling around with Affinity Publisher some more. I’d also spotted some of Leonardo Azevedo and Guilherme Gontijo‘s work, which got me excited about folded zines/leaflets. So, I decided to spend some time making a menu that you can give out to your players.

The menu comes with “serving suggestions” – DM notes about what each of the special food items do. It’s a way to spice up a character by giving them a short lived, potion-like perk. It also might be useful to drain some cash from characters who have enough money to start their own hoard.

This was quite fun because I did it whilst on a call with a few of my D&D friends, and got lots of different ideas from them all.

The art all came from the British Library, which has a huge selection of public domain images.