“Variant: Skills with Different Abilities”

I'm writing an adventure at the moment, which features an organisation called the Reclamations Agency, the state sanctioned thieve's guild. Most people know a bit about them, but do your characters know a little more? What's the skill check for this? D&D lacks any kind of Culture (Starfinder) or Street Skills (Shadowrun). A dry Int… Continue reading “Variant: Skills with Different Abilities”

The divestment of a departed drow

Valna was first encouraged to become a priestess of Lolth because of her innovative use of magics. It was clear early on that her understanding of magic - especially in dank of the Underdark - was beyond anything that had been studied so far. Maybe she could bring more glory to the Lady of Shadows… Continue reading The divestment of a departed drow

“Council” and Social Encounters

Dwight enters The Central Station and has to put considerable effort into closing the door behind him; a combination of the weather desperate to get in and the ancient, rusted hinges seem hellbent on staying open for as long as they can. The disturbance grabs the attention of almost everyone in the bar. Everyone except… Continue reading “Council” and Social Encounters

From the head of a derro

I'm working on a project and had to create a few things. They're yours now. A gross item Flesh PocketCraftable. A patch of skin taken from another and attached, somehow, to your body. This is a secret hiding spot that only the most thorough search will find, if applied correctly. This small pouch can only… Continue reading From the head of a derro