The Barracks at the Eastern Front

Sir Aeron has managed to fail upwards remarkably. His punishment for butchering the King and then his own father was to be promoted to one of the most powerful positions in the Empire: a seat on the Round Table. In the confusion of the leaderless time, he was able to hide away any evidence of… Continue reading The Barracks at the Eastern Front

Imagination requires confidence

A few Sundays ago, I wanted to start another Thousand Year Old Vampire run but I didn't fancy doing it alone so I dropped a message into my family chat. "Does anyone want to play a writing game with me? It's about figuring out what a vampire did over their lifetime." I knew my sister,… Continue reading Imagination requires confidence

The divestment of a departed drow

Valna was first encouraged to become a priestess of Lolth because of her innovative use of magics. It was clear early on that her understanding of magic - especially in dank of the Underdark - was beyond anything that had been studied so far. Maybe she could bring more glory to the Lady of Shadows… Continue reading The divestment of a departed drow