Ideas from The Dark Knight Rises

I finished my rewatch of the Nolen trilogy this week and so I may as well finish off this series of "things you can take from Batman and put them in your game". AI generated image: "photograph of a dark alleyway", the kind which Batman might find himself. Premise: The adventuring hub is in constant… Continue reading Ideas from The Dark Knight Rises

Three things from The Dark Knight

Continuing from last time, here's some ideas I had for tabletop games based around The Dark Knight. Plot Obstacle: Already on the run One of the frustrating plot points for characters, especially in their early levels is often "why isn't the army dealing with the goblins? why us?" and "why can't I just go to… Continue reading Three things from The Dark Knight

“Council” and Social Encounters

Dwight enters The Central Station and has to put considerable effort into closing the door behind him; a combination of the weather desperate to get in and the ancient, rusted hinges seem hellbent on staying open for as long as they can. The disturbance grabs the attention of almost everyone in the bar. Everyone except… Continue reading “Council” and Social Encounters

Cut throats, inescapable explosions, and other misadventures

A while ago, I found myself in Peliad in a caper which we hoped would seriously disrupt the environmentally disasterous growing of exquisit silk, known as dekaffle. (What on Earth would one be doing in Peliad concerning ourselves with dekaffle, you might be thinking - surely I mean Kaffle, many miles away? But no!) We'd… Continue reading Cut throats, inescapable explosions, and other misadventures