The Shortlongbow

This stupid joke made me frustrated with how bad at drawing I am.

The other day I was playing a brilliant gnomish ranger. He shoot, he protec, he attac. But then some complete dorks said that a gnome can’t use a longbow. This is outrageous and the community should rally behind cause to get the Shortlongbow into more games. The tall people have had their fun and games for too long. It’s our time now. #gnomelivesmatter


Type: Martial Ranged Weapon, Cost: 130 gp, Weight: 2 lbs, Damage: 1d8 piercing, Ammunition, Range (150/600), Two-Handed.

Proficiency with a longbow allows you to add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll for any attack you make with it.

This bow has been under development by gnomes for millennia, but has only now come to fruition. Availability is still limited, but your local gnomish trading outpost may well have one.

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