Redcap Iron Boots

Redcaps are fun for just wild violence. Bonus: if the fight you’ve thrown your gang into isn’t cutting the mustard, you can just have Redcaps appear. They show up where ever horrid, blood swathed scenes of terror have happened.

Lets jump to the part where they say “I’d like to loot the corpse!” though.

Redcap Iron Boots
Magic footwear, which grow and shrink in size for their new owner. They’re eager to be worn.

The boots are very heavy, adding at least 50lb to the weight of the wearer. Stealth checks are made with disadvantage. Swimming is difficult whilst wearing these boots.

Attunement: whilst wearing them, leave your feet in a bucket of water for the duration of a short rest. They’ll get properly snug then. If you move towards an enemy and use the last of your movement to get to them (ie. you have zero movement left when you reach them), you can just fudging kick ’em real hard.

The target must succeed on a DC 14 Dexterity saving throw or take 3d10 + STR bludgeoning damage and be knocked backwards 5 feet prone. If the target succeeds, you take 1d10 piercing damage as the boots drain their blood lust from you instead.

Cursed: the boots do not want to be removed. You take 3d10 piercing damage to attempt to remove them. Removing them requires a DC 11 Strength save.

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